Asalamu3lykom Hujjaj!

Welcome to 2BeePositive! This site is for future Hujjaj by Hujjaj. The objective is to try to better the experience for others by sharing what we have learned. Please use the comment section below to introduce yourself, state the package you obtained, and a sentence or two on your positive outlook of your Hajj Journey.

Hajj Essentials + Extras

Packing for Hajj was built on fear. Try not to over pack because you are afraid of not having something. Here are the things I packed and used. I personally think anything more for me was extra weight.

  1. 18 Liter Day Backpack
  2. 3 Liter Water reservoir (Filled with ZamZam as needed), 2 Liter is more than enough
  3. Protein Bars (I brought 24 but consumed only 11, there was plenty of food except at Haram, Arafah, Muzdalifah
  4. Umbrella with UV Protection
  5. Power bank (minimum 2x your Phone Battery capacity, ex. iPhone 14 Max is 4323 mAh so get at least 9000 mAh capacity power bank)
  6. Electrolytes Powder (LMNT, DripDrop, Dr. Berg, etc.)
  7. Medicine (Ibuprofen, DayQuil, NyQuil, Tums, etc.)
  8. Flushable wipes
  9. Unscented deodorant
  10. Toiletries (Toothbrush*, Toothpaste*, floss, etc.)
  11. Vaseline / Aquaphor stick
  12. Sleeping Essentials: Ear Plugs*, Eye Mask*, Night Guard, etc.

Extras – nice to haves:

  1. Blister Bandaid
  2. Cooling Towel
  3. Inflatable Pillow (for comfort)
  4. Phone Heat protection pouch
  5. Portable Fan (I brought one with a built in Power Bank but only used it once for 2 minutes).

* These items are provided to you at Mina but they are basic

Hotel in “Mecca”

Our package stated it was in Mecca, but when you googled the hotel, it was in Azzizyah. The hotel provided half-board meals (2 meals, breakfast and dinner). Shuttles were provided to the Haram from day one to perform Umrah and stopped when folks were transported to Mina. After Hajj, it took a day or two to reinstate them.

Arriving at KSA

Our package stated we will fly direct by Saudi Air, however, we had a layover in Ethiopia by Ethiopian Air. The flight was comfortable and we landed in the afternoon. When we arrived at the airport at noon with our bags, we had no instructions on where to go or what to do. We waited until the airport staff came to ask for our visas to identify which bus (provided by the ministry) to put us on. The buses were to take us directly to our hotel. After much wait, getting on the bus, checking and taking our passports, we arrived at the airport around 11 pm.


We were provided: Bed, Pillow, Pillow case, bed sheet, blanket, eye mask, face mask, ear plugs, umbrella, portable prayer mat, dental kit, shaving kit, sanitizer, digital counter, and soap

Alhamdulilah Mina was well organized. They had programs for the men after every prayer, food was readily available, and water & juice were available around the clock. Showers with Toilets were plenty and wudu area was available except for the long lines before prayer and after meals.

Departing KSA

The return to airport journey was not as long or troublesome as arriving. Here are my notes from departure.

We had shuttles from hotel in Azzizah to airports. They were wait 9 hours prior to our flight and left within a reasonable time to the airport (8 hours prior to the flight).

The first check point did not take long, under 15 minutes.

However, when arriving at airport gates (second checkpoint) the wait time was long (2.5 hours). The airport security checked everything (bus registration, flight information for passengers, etc.). Once our flight was within 4 or 5 hours prior to departure we were cleared to go.

The bus arrived at the airport terminal 1 next to the Zamzam pickup building. We needed to wait until an airport officer came and stamps paperwork for everyone to come down.

When we left the bus, we grab your bags and headed to Zamzam pickup building.

We were bombarded with people who want to help carry your luggage, bring a cart, provide a sharpy to mark your zamzam box. We opt-ed for the Sharpy 🙂 (10 SAR)

Zamzam was 8.5 SAR/5 Liter sealed box (1 Gallon). We provided our passports to pickup Zamzam. The cashier initially charged me for 2 boxes (had 2 passports). I told him to add another as I plan to put it in my bag and he charged me for the 3rd 😉

We waited in line at check-in where they took our luggage then ask us to drop off the Zamzam thru a specific conveyor belt for Zamzam.

Then we off to the passport control/security check line. We had our own boarding pass in your hand as we scan it to enter thru the glass security check. Once we scanned we proceeded to passport control where we had boarding pass, physical passport and visa in hand. They didn’t ask for the visa for my wife but did ask for my visa.

Once we were are checked, we proceeded to the security line.

After security check, we reviewed gate information on TV screen, then proceeded to gate.

حج مبرور وسعي مشكور وذنب مغفور وتجارة لن تبور


If your package did not include madinah visit, then this page is for you. Here are a few things we learned as we secretly escaped to Madinah.

  1. Two days before Hajj, Mecca locks down for Hajj.
  2. If you are in Madinah and traveling within 4 days of Hajj, they will ask for a passport and visa. Visa must be for “Hajj season”. Can use a copy of your passport, original booklet not required.
  3. Haramain High Speed Railway (HHR)
    • Use the app as it’s more reliable, the website usually fails at payment page
    • The lower numbers are closer to Mekkah. So try to pick a chair facing Mekkah, allows you to pray in seat as there is no prayer room.
    • High Speed Railway/Train leaves on time. Be sure to walk towards the train at least 15 minutes before time to ensure bags are stored and you find your seat.
    • Book ahead of time, prices will jump from 300+ to 800+ SAR for Business per person for same day or high demand travel times.
    • Business is worth it if you want lunch in train and sit in business lounge. (Personally I liked Mecca lounge more than Madinah)
    • Takes about 2 hours 15 minutes with 1 stop, or 2 hours and 25 minutes for 2 stops.
  4. Buses to Madinah from Mecca go for 100 SAR, but take 5 hours.
  5. Rawdah
    • Use the Nusuk app to reserve a spot. I had to register a different account then my wife even though she was registered as my companion.
    • The Nusuk app shows a week ahead. I noticed the calendar updates up after Duhr KSA time.
    • Men are right after Maghreb.
    • There are over 2000 people who will have reserved a spot.
    • Those who didn’t register can still go if time and space is allows it.
    • Rawdah’s doors are at 38, however, pray near 37, preferably outside.
    • Right after Maghreb (Men), head over to the lines. Ask guards were is the Rawdah and stand in line. Have your reservation ready.
    • They don’t scan the QR code but check manually the date. Screenshots won’t be accepted.
    • There are multiple check points and a system to release people in waves.
    • The Rawdah is within the first 4 pillars across (from front left) to 3 pillars back (from front left).
    • Women are right after Isha, however, women don’t actually pray inside the Rawdah nor are allowed to see the prophet (pbuh) or AbuBakir or Omar’s graves.
  6. Hotel stay averaged 660 SAR a night before Hajj.
  7. Taxi from HHR to Masjid Quba was 30 SAR
  8. Taxi from Masjid Nabawi to HHR was 40 SAR


Before going to hajj, I’ve spoken to many hujjaj who attend last year or prior to the pandemic. Some were solid advice and others were no longer applicable. Here are some I’ve learned to be valuable.

Protect your health and energy during hajj by:

  1. Avoiding the sun
  2. Avoid drinking cold water
  3. Avoid the crowd
  4. Don’t walk barefoot in the sun
  5. Umrah at night is easier from the heat, but usually more traffic.
  6. Wash Ihram clothing after Umrah, it’s cheap and normally takes 2 days, can pay for rush.
  7. Service Workers:
    • Avoid having any bags taken by someone else (Service luggage men) to your room or terminal etc. unless you have cash on hand.
    • After any service rendered the server may ask you to pay $100 US dollars, laugh it off and pay no more than 40 SAR tip.
  8. Taxi is 3-5 SAR per km or minutes, which ever is higher max, can negotiate half most of them. Uber works but very few drivers available at a time. Sometimes there is no cars available. Be prepared to negotiate with taxi. Prices are comparable between Uber and Taxi. However if you tip, it’ll end up being more than taxi.
  9. Always ask for price of ride before getting in to a taxi, and only pay that if destination does not change.
  10. Always take a bag to hold your slippers when going to the haramain.
  11. Always bring a bottle of water even if it’s empty so you can fill with Zamzam.